September 2011

I’m slowly getting use to living in England, yet everything is quite different from what I have tried earlier. I’ve found myself sharing apartment with some nice people from Canada, China, India, UK, US & Vietnam. Besides my roomies, another 300 students live in the same building as me, and another 30.000 in and around the campus, while 3000 employees ensure the daily running of the uni. In other words this place is massive! Just to mention a few facilities included in the university campus are several bars and restaurants, a nine-story library, sports arena, swimming bath, gym, oh and some teaching facilities as well.

I like it!

A few days after my arrival, Newcastle hosted the worlds biggest half-marathon called The Great North Run which is a charity-run for sick children. With its 55.000 runners Newcastle was completely shut down, except for the route of the runners. With a slight hangover I managed to drag my body down to take a few photos and to my surprise most of the runners weren’t competing to reach the goal first, but to dress the weirdest.