January 2012

.., and what a year! The ‘Arab Spring’, the Fukushima disaster in Japan and the Mighty Newcastle United back in the top of the English Premier League as the three most spectacular news!
Another less exiting news, yet still very important, in 2011 was the 40th anniversary of the Danish Queen (ok, who cares really) and the female with the most yellow teeth IN THE WORLD! On a freezing cold day I found myself waiting for several hours to see the queen being honored by the people of Copenhagen and get some pictures (Note to self: Don’t do that again!).
Along with not becoming an underwater photographer for BBC Nature, this really was one of the worst decisions of my life. Anyway, got the pictures I wanted and that’s pretty much what there is to say about that. Check out the teeth below.

My visit in Denmark during christmas was also a chance to meet friends, family and eat some WONDERFUL food at home. Food doesn’t get much better than the dishes served christmas eve at my parents, really! After eating unimaginable amounts of food we quickly get up, while people can barely move, and start “dancing” (walking actually) around a tree while singing songs about praising Jesus (damn, do I really do that every year!?!). When the praising is over the kids in the family attack the presents located below the tree. So that’s pretty much a traditional Danish christmas.

Another great feast during my holiday in my hometown was the calorie-bomb-burger made by Bulle and Redman (yes, that’s their actual names). By following the recipe on The Cheese and Burger Society, which you must start worshipping, the most amazing burgers were created and consumed!
I’m now back in Newcastle and loving it! Stay tuned 🙂