February 2012

A few months ago I agreed with a bunch of mates on going to Scotland for a few days of skiing and exploring. We quickly located Nevis Range as the best and closest area, only located 5 hours drive from Newcastle.
Getting closer to our departure date we were all delighted with the amount of snow in the area and the excitement were obvious in all of us. Finally the 19th of February we left 12 people in three cars and headed towards Scotland, and a few days of brilliant skiing. Or so we thought… After a beautiful drive up there with loads of sun and low temperatures the weather changed completely and heavy rain started pouring down Monday morning. Despite the rubbish weather and no skiing, we had an awesome trip with great company. We didn’t see the sun till crossing the English border again on the way home.

Back home in Newcastle we had another day off, which we spend in Lake District. Its truly amazing! Not only because of the mountains and lakes, but because of the number of sheep! The day was spend photographing & eating delicious local lamb.

My good Spanish mate Javier sacrificed himself for the sake of this picture.