December 2012

An amazing year in Newcastle is over and, to my satisfaction, it ended as I had planned – Completing my degree at Northumbria University. After a few months back home in Copenhagen I returned to Newcastle to receive my diploma and see some of the old study-buddies again. It was truly brilliant to be back and see everyone again. The diploma was awarded at a fancy congregation full of people wearing old traditional costumes. As shown below all the important senior university staff were each dressed according to their status and title such as ‘Chancellor’, ‘Chair of the board of governors’, ‘Deputy vice-chancellor’ and so on. Most of the them looked bored and to be fair it wasn’t really exciting. Besides some trumpets playing the congregation consisted of a few long speeches and a caravan of 300 students all receiving a piece of paper and shaking hands with the Chancellor. The names of the students were announced and shown on a big screen. I don’t remember much from the ceremony (as we had a tough night prior to the ceremony), but I remember the two students with the last names ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Thankgod’. After the ceremony we had the mandatory ‘throwing-the-squared-hat-in-the-air-pictures’ and some quality time with fellow students.

I will recommend Newcastle and Northumbria University to anyone considering doing a master abroad. I had the time of my life and met some fantastic human beings.
Finally a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Anders Pilegaard Maarup
‘Master of Science in Project Management’