May 2016

It’s been a few years since I’ve last updated HEJMOR but now, as I’ve moved abroad again, it seems like a good time to resume the blogging. Previous posts from mainly Newcastle are still available under the blog section while old stories from travelled around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with Jannik, Kenneth, Morten & Thomas in 2005-2007 can be found HERE.

In the end of March I boarded a direct flight to Phuket carrying 36kg of dive equipment, cameras and other electronics – Just like in 2006 when my buddy Jannik and I moved to Khao Lak to work for a diving company. This time I’m living in Phuket, 2 minutes from Karon beach and to put it mildly it’s a very nice place. The weather alone makes it great, but add the beach, the food, the people, the diving and you have a lovely cocktail for a pleasant life.

2016-04-11 18.53.06
Karon beach sunset

Since my arrival about a month ago I’ve spend most of my time getting settled and completing all paperwork with the local government. The Thai bureaucracy at government offices is quite different compared to Europe – let’s just leave it at that. As the different permits and licenses has been approved I have started working on my project. More about that once I get properly started.

Even though there’s been a lot of paper work, I’ve had time to visit friends in Khao Lak several times. Since my arrival I’ve had the chance to join two liveaboard boats to the beautiful Similan Islands about 60km from the mainland. One trip on the luxurious boat Halelujah and one on the less luxurious boat Manta Queen 5, but with 28 degree water, food served five times a day and great diving it is always nice seeing the small islands again. Several sharks, manta rays, fantastic macro and generally good visibility ensured the diving didn’t disappoint us.










The amazing and somehow incredibly sexy frogfish

Since I no longer have a normal 8-4 job I’ve found I have more time to do things I’ve haven’t had the time (energy) for before. One of those things is reading, so the other day I went to a local bookstore to find some literal entertainment. A good source of inspiration is checking the current top 10 bestseller, but to my surprise I found a cookbook among the top 10. And not just any cookbook – COOKING WITH POO!

2016-04-06 15.51.45

I’m not sure if they deliberately chose to use her nickname Poo because it would sell more books, but Thais often do have special nicknames: Porn, Bank, New, Ball and Beer to mention a few. Either way it’s a great name for a serious cookbook. I didn’t buy Cooking with Poo. I bought this in stead which is well worth a read…2016-04-25 16.47.40

I will attempt to make a few updates every month about my life here. If not much is happening I will share some of my experiences with the Thai culture and what is clearly different from what we know in Europe. A thing that always strike me when I arrive in Thailand is the number of homeless dogs. Like humans – the dogs – love to hang out at 7/11. I assume it’s mostly due to the cold air  from the aircondition when the door briefly opens as customers enter or exit the shop. As seen below the heat can be very tiring…

2016-04-04 19.22.26

Taking laziness to the extreme…

Finally a few photos from the past month in Phuket…

Karon circle by night
Stray dog enjoying the sunset
Jumping Nuch
2016-04-25 16.50.40
A lovely present from my old colleagues at HOFOR
2016-04-12 10.57.13
Office view