September 2016
I’m famous!

A few months ago some mates and I joined a large film crew for a few days of filming around Koh Racha Yai just south of Phuket. The mission of the filming was to create a two part commercial for the watch company Seiko with one of the biggest Thai moviestars Ananda Everingham.

Along with around 30 crew members from the production company we left the eastern coast of Phuket for the small island. Day one was spent filming the first commercial where Ananda gets fed up with the big-city life and jumps on his motorbike heading for the sea to see a whaleshark. After seeing the whaleshark he drops a very expensive Seiko watch in the sea and invites people to go dive in the area and find it.

In the second commercial, which was filmed the following day, a team of 12 divers went looking for the newly dropped watch on the bottom of the sea (obviously they hadn’t left the expensive piece of gadget on the seabed overnight). Two teams of 6 persons left Racha Yai Island completing to find the watch. The search was carried out next to a deliberately sunk ship wreck and an artificial reef not far from the island. The filming underwater took about an hour and was pretty much just us swimming around with a camera crew around. Its quite hard to see me in the commercial, but look for the short hair and yellow fins 🙂

Spoiler alert! I didn’t find the watch.